Equine Physiotherapy

Horses are athletes and just like human athletes they can suffer from muscle pain and discomfort which can impede their performance. Regular physiotherapy appointments can help keep your horse performing at their best by keeping their muscles in top condition while allowing for the detection of subclinical issues so they can receive the best treatment.

Physiotherapy can help with a range of conditions including:

  • Reduction in performance levels
  • Muscle loss and imbalance- this could manifest as saddle slip or lack of topline
  • Resistance and stiffness
  • Some behavioural problems which are actually down to pain and discomfort including; napping, rearing and bucking
  • Lameness, un-evenness, tripping or a toe drag
  • Post-surgery or injury - a fall, being cast in the stable or tendon/ ligament problems
  • Back pain - kissing spines or problems linked to sacroiliac issues
  • Soft Tissue Injuries including muscle stains and tears
  • Joint Problems - including hock arthritis, OCD, DJD

  • All treatment plans are based on up to date evidence and our tailored to the individuals' circumstances and reason for referral to ensure we get the best results for your horse.